What is Hypnotherapy?




Sometimes it’s easier to say what hypnotherapy isn’t. It’s not magic and it’s not making somebody bark every time a phone rings. Stage hypnotism has its place in entertainment and can be good fun, but this is not what therapy is about.

Hypnotherapy utilises a natural trance state. Trance is perfectly normal and everybody experiences some form of trance everyday, for example have you ever been watching a movie and suddenly realised its almost finished? Or driven a car and forgotten half the journey? This is a kind of trance.

Hypnotherapy can use this state of trance to help the client focus on a single idea or thought. It is a very powerful tool and can access your subconscious to change patterns of behaviour and thought leading to positive change. By accessing your subconscious it is ideal for deep relaxation and treating many things ranging from anxiety to phobias and changing behavioural habits such as nail biting and smoking.




There are many different types of hypnotherapy. I concentrate on the Solution Focused side of hypnotherapy. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you to concentrate on the solution and not the problems. I use a variety of different techniques that have been proven time and time again to be highly effective in bringing about positive and sustained change. Above all I endeavour to make this process an enjoyable one and we do not spend time going over painful past memories, focusing instead on the present and the future. I do of course use the immensely powerful and completely natural state of hypnosis to help bring about these positive changes..

Hypnotherapy can help with many things including : Anxiety, Depression, Poor Sleep, Confidence, Motivation, Stop Smoking, Fears and Phobias, Weight Loss, Enhancing Sports Performance, IBS, Stress and Relaxation.*