What type of people seek hypnotherapy?

A question I get asked quite often is what type of people become my clients? The quick and simple answer is either all types of people or maybe more importantly there is no specific type of person and all people can benefit from hypnotherapy.

Times and society are slowly changing and people are becoming more open to the idea of positive psychotherapies such as hypnotherapy. People are becoming much more self aware and want more control over how they find solutions to their problems. In years gone by people would stay quiet about mental health problems or go to their GP and be given pills. Today we are much more open about mental issues and this has to be seen as a positive thing. Thankfully the days of being told to “just get on with things” or to “man up” are behind us.

People seeking alternatives to medications are no longer seen as “New age hippies and tree huggers”, or other offensive terms and I have clients from all walks of life, from doctors to teachers, military to house wives. In fact my client database is a true cross section of the of the population.

I have clients of all ages. My eldest client was a lady of 94 suffering with anxiety and mobility issues, my youngest client was a young girl of 8 who suffered night terrors and banged her head in her sleep. Both clients at complete different ends of the age spectrum had successful outcomes through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

Does the sex of the client make a difference? Admittedly I have seen more female than male clients but the results have been the same. Both male and female clients respond very well to hypnotherapy.

Does the type or amount the person is educated matter? Absolutely not, I have had clients with PhDs and people who left school with no qualifications.

In conclusion there is no specific type of person that will benefit from hypnotherapy, EVERYONE can benefit from hypnotherapy.Hopkins Hypnotherapy

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