Below are testimonials from previous clients:

*Like most people I wasn’t sure what would happen. Visiting Jamie for the initial consultation is the first step. He has the ability to make you feel at ease is non-judgemental and clearly explains what he can do and how he will do it.
My sessions were relaxing and a unique experience, I was aware at all times what was happening. I very soon found that using his techniques I was able to deal with my problems and had an increase in my confidence. Having completed my six sessions there was no doubt that his professionalism had a positive impact on my wellbeing and had eliminated my concerns.
Jamie is highly recommended.

Peter, Plymouth.

*I decided to see Jamie to tackle a phobia I’ve suffered with for years and as a result had reached a place where I literally seemed to fear everything, even hypnotherapy! I was anxious and nervous and my confidence had reached zero. Jamie put me at ease immediately, his calm, friendly manner was exactly what I needed and I completely trusted him. I came away form my first session exhilarated! I honestly felt on top of the world! Every week I felt stronger and more confident to tackle things that were worrying me. I didn’t feel so bogged down anymore. I was less anxious day to day and my confidence was growing. As I progressed through the sessions, other issues seemed to come to the forefront but it was all because I was taking control. As I got to grips with one thing, something else would start but using what I’ve learnt, its all become manageable. I’ve faced my phobia and although its something I’m never going to like, I feel I can deal with it if it ever happens now, whereas before, the thought of it would have seen me spiralling into panic. Jamie has equipped me with the tools I needed to carry on at a calmer, better pace and to face things with confidence. So many people have said to me how much happier and more confident I have become since starting hypnotherapy and I feel it myself. I am so glad I gave it a try and throughly recommend Jamie if anyone is thinking of giving hypnotherapy a try. You couldn’t ask for a kinder, more helpful, professional person and I thank him for getting me back on track!



*I first went to see Jamie because I’ve always been a worrier, but I came to a point in my life where I had a lot of decisions to make and everything was getting on top of me. I struggled with self belief and confidence.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect as I didn’t know too much about how hypnotherapy works. But after my first consultation with Jamie I felt the effects, I just felt as though a weight had been lifted in a sense and I was so excited to visit Jamie again and progress even more. After all my sessions I feel as though I have unlocked my character and self worth. I now have the confidence to tackle everything I need to and go forward in life knowing I CAN do anything I want and achieve all my goals, this is because everything that was a big issue for me in the past has become a lot more manageable and I can deal with situations with it more ease. I just can’t thank Jamie enough for all the help he has given me. Going to get help was the best decision I have ever made.

Carrie, Plymouth,