Weight Loss

Weight Loss


Weight Loss with Hypnotherapy


In theory weight loss should be simple. Less calories in more calories out. But sometimes life gets in the way.

We all like to treat ourselves to that extra slice of chocolate cake or maybe a nice cheeseburger every now and then. The problem comes when we can no longer control how often we allow ourselves to eat unhealthy or maybe have a larger portion than we should.

To burn more calories we need to be more active, this doesn’t mean you suddenly need to be signing up for a marathon or going to 3 exercise classes and a day. Just getting up and going for a walk for half an hour maybe enough or cycling to work instead of using the car.

All sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? The problem is our subconscious mind doesn’t always like change, especially if we are anxious and stressed. But with the use of hypnosis I can help you be more motivated and more confident in changing your lifestyle habits.*