Sports Hypnosis





As a keen sportsman myself I know how important the mental aspect of sport is.  For me this was never more important than when I took part in an Ironman triathlon.

To be a successful sportsperson not only do you need a well trained body but a well trained mind.

Up to 90% of a sport is played in the mind. If you can master the game in your mind you can master the game itself.

Many top athletes including Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson and Jack Nicklaus have utilised the powerful tool of hypnosis to help them become world champions.

By using hypnosis you can stop the things that prevent you being at the top of your game. Nerves, negative thinking and stress can be disastrous to your performance. By using hypnotherapy you can focus on the positive aspects of your game and reduce any anxiety allowing you to perform at a higher standard.

Along with relaxation, hypnosis will use visualisation to help you train. Often the brain can not tell the difference between reality and imagination and this can be used in favour of the athlete to tune the brain with regards to a particular drill or skill.

Often when an athlete is performing at their peak they will say they were in “The Zone”, sports hypnosis can help an athlete achieve this state of mind so much quicker.

Whether you need to be more relaxed, more confident or more motivated, sports hypnosis can help you to perform at your highest level.*